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Welcome Day a Bruxelles

Welcome Day in Bruxelles

On the 25-26 of April in Bruxelles was held the “Welcome Day” for the projects’ coordinators of the companies that have been funded by the SME INSUTRUMENT H2020 Phase 2.
Also Dofren, as one of the funded company thanks to its medical project Jumpair®, participated to the workshops of these two days.  The objective of the H2020 Program is to help the small and medium-sized enterprises to develop from their brilliant ideas new products that can make Europe much more competitive.
These days spent in Bruxelles have been very useful to receive clarification on this phase of the project and on its management, the participant companies received advices on how to reach the fixed objectives and information on how to take advantage from the possibilities of visibility and communication. Clearly it was also an opportunity to meet all the companies that as Dofren were funded by SME H2020.

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